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A long overdue throwback episode from month's ago - Brooke's moving to Florida so we had a few farewell beers and rants. 

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We are reviewing Mind Hunters and Dust Devil as if we were a structured podcast that had a gameplan. 

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Dylan got married and hates Jurassic World. Jake is on Tinder and hates True Detective. Brooke mostly just laughs and talks to her cat in this episode. Check it out!

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After recovering from the tragic loss of an April recording - we are back! And with very important things to say (however it's mostly about Castle Freak and Fartbarf). 

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We discuss Oscar nominated flicks like Captain Philips and Her. We get into Prisoners, the Hobbit Desolation of Smaug and other soon to be classics, like 10 Inch Hero. Then you find out how GI Joes and the 50 Shades of Grey Starter Kit go together.

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Karaoke, Iron Maiden, Riddick, black out drunkenness, Pliny the Elder, The Visitor, GTA 5 and a lot more nonsense

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We discuss Elysium, Kick Ass 2, Pacific Rim... and some more. Jake does Vegas. Dylan does Portland. And a quest for fish tacos begins. 

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Catching up on the past year... and the start of summer movie season: Man of Steel, World War Z, Iron Man 3, Behind the Candelabra & Magic Mike double header.

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Well, after a LONG while - I have managed to recover a lost episode of F That Movie that was recorded back in September. The films are ancient history - but the life of F That Lives on. 

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We review The Ultimate Warrior, Sleepwalk with Me, The Art of Rap, Premium Rush, Total Recall, Cosmopolis, Paranorman, Expendables 2, Battleship, P-90x, Dylan's 40th birthday and going to the doctor.

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