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We sneak a peak of Knocked Up, review Eragon, and pick our favorite films of 2006. Happy holidays!
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What is it about Crispin Glover? We suck it up and see Happy Feet. Heads roll at Apocalytpo. A few great nerd theories on Harry Potter. Don't get "Left Behind" and miss out on this cast!
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We're servin' up a hearty Thanksgiving review of Are We There Yet, Drop Dead Gorgeous and For Your Consideration. We reinforce some old reviews of Bond, The Pick of Destiny and The Breakup. And who else is excited for Eragon?
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We raise the stakes with a review of Casino Royale. Jake's got a sneak peak of Pan's Labrynth. And we premiere a new segment: Film's Brooke Has Never Seen.
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We saw Borat as one big happy family. Jake saw See This Movie and Feast. Dylan would like us all to consider For Your Consideration. Just say no to extreme sports spiderman.
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Just in time for Halloween we have a horror cast for you. Tree witches! Jigsaws! Baby fetus'! Whores and more...s!
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It's the self deprication episode! Why are actors hiding their super powers from us? Could it be a conspiracy...And a couple of films are reviewed too.
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Jake has found God and watched lots of films. Dylan has the plague and found The AliG Show. We also cover The Departed, Texas Chainsaw, The Lost, The Tripper, The Pink Panther and a bunch of upcoming flicks.
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The Genetic Predisposition towards Severe Tolkien Aversion in the Cameron Female Population: The Inherited Repulsion of All Things Hobbit and Otherwise Middle-Earthly Creatures In reflecting on the recent verbal mugging of my daughter, Brooke, on this week's podcast, I feel I must LEAP to my daughter's defense for the abuse she has sustained for not watching the complete Lord of the Rings trilogy. The fault lies not with her...she has inherited her mother's highly dominant antitolkienian gene. As an academic librarian and children's literature scholar, I have found in my informal observations through the years that The Ring causes two distinct reactions in people...Those who have acquired a cult- like- altar- worship and those who stare at the cult worshippers in disbelief. The disbelievers typically suffer in silence, knowing that they will have to endure Saruman spewings from the faithful followers if any disparaging word is carelessly mentioned. Through the years, I have TRIED to acquire a taste for the fantasy. But unlike my similar attempts at acclimation with coffee and beer, Frodo and friends still leave a very bitter aftertaste. In high school, my best friend worked hard to convince me this was an incredible read. As most teens, I tried hard to plow through it...but even Gandalf himself could not convince me this was spellbinding. In college, this series was actually REQUIRED reading for two of my classes(Mythology and Children's Lit)...perhaps that put the final nail in the coffin...what had begun as a mild dislike, had grown to an overpowering aversion. Years later, my own two daughters came in to my life. As children, they were exposed to a wide range of children's literature. They loved fairy tales and folk tales and even had their bedroom decorated in a unicorn motif. In kindergarten, they adored Fraggle Rock,(hey, there was a Frodo in that too, wasn't there?) a somewhat comedic version of a Middle-earth, with a Jim Henson twist. In high school, we all enjoyed The Princess Bride and the Robin Hood flicks...(okay, so maybe we preferred Men in Tights over the other versions, but I digress) It was not until recent years I have discovered that my girls must have genetically inherited my antiLOTR gene. I purposely did NOT verbalize my past history with Frodo and Friends. With the hype and the hoopla, we HAD to go see the movie when it was released. Surely, I thought, perhaps the movie version would recapture my imagination and I'd be part of the cult at last. But within the first hour, it was evident that the genetic tendency was too strong to overcome. Fidgeting, squirming, watch watching were all observed in the three Cameron women. The severity of these symptoms increased with each passing moment. When the closing credits flashed on the screen, the three of us were the first to be on our feet applauding WILDLY that the movie was FINALLY over. And when asked what we like best about the movie...I guess we'd agree the scenery was cool, and we'd someday like to visit New Zealand... as long as they were NOT filming any LOTR sequels while we were there. And so, I ask you to consider Brooke's special needs in the future when asking her to watch any portion of LOTR, let alone the entire trilogy in one sitting. With the new government regulations concerning torture of captured prisoners, you may be brought up on charges. Gratefully yours, Mom Cameron ps I am working on my next dissertation and wondered if you could help me with my research... Is there a correlation between LOTR lovers and Star Wars lust? For future study...The correlation between LOTR and Fountainhead(Ayn Rand) followers?
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We've determined The Science of Sleep and calculate how many minutes it will take for an army of Tae Kwon Do youths to destroy one podcast convention's worth of nerds. The best and worst of DVD Menus. And for the last time- a review of Little Miss Sunshine
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