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A slow movie week so we hit up some tough questions that you all have been dying to have answered. Is Casper the best dog ever created? How many awful acid stories do we have? Where have all the saxophone players gone?
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After losing several versions of Epi. 3 we decide to start fresh with a bit of V for Vendetta action. And we begin our courtship with Snakes on a Plane by reviewing the online teaser trailer....http://www.tagworld.com/snakesonaplane !
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This week we give our hearts to Slither and The Hills Have Eyes...and also delve into the topic of drug induced stalker incidents.
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This is Episode 1 of the running series where Jake and Dylan rant about movies or girls or hypochondria related illnesses... This Episode we unravel the conspiracy behind 16 Blocks, Block Party, Aquamarine and Ultraviolet and a little gibberish... Podshow PDN {podshow-a7d346d30c9283ae5c62c3dd65e4f150}
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