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This Ep. we discuss Silent Hill, Hostel, Scary Movie 4 and Hard Candy. Plus Brooke's mom sends a package for us to open on air!
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Sorry for the delay folks. There were problems with our system so this episode of F That Movie is a bit dated. In this Ep. it's Jake's birthday! And Dylan is single! We've got a review of Brick and a lot of gripes to be heard so get to listening....we've missed your ears....
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The only known individual suffering from Aeronautical Serpent Deficiency joins us for an interview! Jake gets Asiany and reviews Sympathy for Mr. Vengence along with Three Extremes while Dylan recommends some horror classics- CHUD and The Stuff. This Ep. is jam packed!
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Dylan discusses Stay Alive and Inside Man while Jake offers us some theater hopping tips. Episode 5 also features tantalizing new segments for your listening pleasure.
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