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With producer Brooke out for the week, Dylan and Jake break into the studio to cook stalker bacon and attack X3! Will Dylan make his last stand trying to perfect a home filtering technique for vodka? How much vodka should you drink to watch Grandma's boy? The burning questions will be addressed. Enjoy!
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Why does the Da Vinci Code suck? Should you spare your eyes for See No Evil? Why is Florida erupting out of Superman's crotch? We have answers.
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Fresh White Tees One of our awesome fans from myspace, Rewolf, set us up with some F That Movie shirts that are now available to purchase online! Buy them for all of your friends! Who knows, maybe one day we can save up enough pennies to sound all professional-like! (or maybe we can just meet up and hang out while sporting some sweet ass tees.) Check 'em out at http://www.cafepress.com/fthatmovie (or click on "We Got Shirts!" on the side panel)
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Heeeyo! We've got new toys in the house and we're reviewing Just My Luck, The Proposition, Night of the Comet and The Birds. We've got an exclusive clip from Snakes on a Plane. We're excited about some trailers and Jake tells a charming public masturbation story.
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Episode 10 features 9 reviews for your delight: Mi:III, Art School Confidential, Doom, Aeon Flux, Grizzly Man, Mortuary, Exorcism of Emily Rose, and the newest Pirates and Superman trailers.
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Jake's a gymnast! So STICK IT! We also give an insightful look on the inspiring Peaceful Warrior trailer. And to dispel any rumors, find out straight from the source just who will be playing Casper in the F That Movie film.
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