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EPICsode 20 in full effect. We've got news from Comic-Con, Lady in the Water, Clerks 2 and some disturbing listener mail so you dont want to miss out on the best episode 20 ever made.
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We're changing formats to simply sing Dio to one another...but we've left you with a review of Tenacious D's Pick of Destiny and You, Me and Dupree.
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It's hot so we've been checkin out lots of hot summer movies! Pirates 2, Wassup Rockers, Strangers With Candy, Tom Yum Goong, a cemetary screening of Repo Man and a sneak peak of Tom Twyker's Perfume.
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We're rockin' the mic late on Superman, early on Scanner Darkly and we're looking for sponsors for the F That Movie van!
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