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We have a lot of catching up to do. Juno, Beowulf, Southland Tales, Sneak Peeks of Sweeney Todd, and a mystery flick. And we've got our picks of the year. Happy Holidays!
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American Gangster, No Country for Old Men, Margot at the Wedding, Wristcutters: A Love Story, and Austin voice mails in!
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Happy Halloween! We didn't see Saw but we have something better in store from its director. And we're also full of numerous random rants for you.
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We're back...and we brought you reviews of 30 Days of Night, Diary of the Dead, Control, Just Friends, the fall TV lineup, our thoughts on some up coming flicks and possibly the most poorly crafted intro ever created...
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So I'm trying to get stuff updated over here at F That Movie...and thanks to some emails, you all got me a bit more motivated. I've attempted to add both a mailing list and a forum for the site. The links to these should start to appear in the left hand nav bar shortly. The website has trouble when I update it...so it may take a few days before it consistently is there, but I encourage you all to start chatting and sign up for the mailing list so that you can know immediately when the new shows are up. If you have any other advice on how I can change things or how we can become more techy I'd love to hear it. You can click on the enormous EMAIL button on the sidebar if you want to write us. Thanks for listening and enjoy! -Producer Brooke-
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Eastern Promises, Dragon Wars, 3:10 to Yuma, Across the Universe, Darjeeling Limited and some fine trailers.
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Iron Man, King of Kong, Hatchet, Shoot 'Em Up, Balls of Fury, Death Sentence, The Nines...that's a lot of film.

Iron Man Trailer
Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror
David Lynch Problem Solver

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Bioshock is rocking our world. Stardust, Once, Dragon Wars: D-War and a bunch more to talk about.
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Comic Con, Superbad, Simpsons Movie, Lindsay Lohan with robot arms...
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Transformers, Ratatouille, Harry Potter...so much...so late...
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