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An F That Movie friend gets engaged nerd style and is in to talk about it. We review Bug and Pirates too... check it out!

Watch Jeff get engaged!

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The Wickermens and Spidermens are a hot topic, along with Bug, Fantastic 4, and Black Christmas.

Hey while you're at it, check out our friends Brett, Daniel and Hutson as they give an in-depth talk on Spiderman 3. It was a school project for Brooke, but go and encourage these guys to start up their own podcast. Just click right there---> Spidie 3 Cast now! DO IT.

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We've seen everything and it's too late to talk about it. Who's seen Open Water 2? Who liked Spidie 3? Have you played God of War? Who should be cast in the Watchmen? Who cares? YOU DO..so listen in. This podcast is dedicated to The Film Identity and Hilary Swank.
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