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Left 4 Dead is rad. Twilight...not so much. Also W., Let the Right One In, and male bathroom habits.
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Eagle Eye and Burn After Reading...finally here...
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Shian joins us for the long awaited F That Anarchy.
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More on Pineapple Express, but mostly Tropic Thunder, Dagon and mythological creatures coming to life.
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Pineapple Express, Wolfman and Jake's Comic-Con adventures, and... more love for the Wolfman...
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Wall-E, Hellboy 2, Wanted, The Dark Knight- a slew of summer movies and stories to tell. Listen up!
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A week overdue, but it has arrived. The Hulk, The Happening, Get Smart- summer movies all around! And the analyzation of a few Monty Python classic jokes.
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Catching up on the summer movies: Indy, Speed Racer, Iraon Man, The Fall, Stuck, Teeth, Death at a Funeral, Sex and the City, The Strangers...and the list keeps going...
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We're back and more unemployed than ever! We caught Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Ruins, Jake checked out the Fango Con and we are excited for summer movie season.
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Doomsday, The Lost Boys, John Lennon Imagine, Singularity, Love Object and we fight over who's got the best zombies.
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