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So I'm trying to get stuff updated over here at F That Movie...and thanks to some emails, you all got me a bit more motivated. I've attempted to add both a mailing list and a forum for the site. The links to these should start to appear in the left hand nav bar shortly. The website has trouble when I update it...so it may take a few days before it consistently is there, but I encourage you all to start chatting and sign up for the mailing list so that you can know immediately when the new shows are up. If you have any other advice on how I can change things or how we can become more techy I'd love to hear it. You can click on the enormous EMAIL button on the sidebar if you want to write us. Thanks for listening and enjoy! -Producer Brooke-
Category:Exciting news! -- posted at: 3:25pm PST

Fresh White Tees One of our awesome fans from myspace, Rewolf, set us up with some F That Movie shirts that are now available to purchase online! Buy them for all of your friends! Who knows, maybe one day we can save up enough pennies to sound all professional-like! (or maybe we can just meet up and hang out while sporting some sweet ass tees.) Check 'em out at http://www.cafepress.com/fthatmovie (or click on "We Got Shirts!" on the side panel)
Category:Exciting news! -- posted at: 6:24pm PST